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RMI Valuation helps businesses, government agencies, and property owners evaluate, acquire, and dispose of specialty properties, corridors and easements.

A premier provider of valuation and appraisal services, we mix modern technology with decades of industry expertise to help our clients understand every piece of a property's potential.

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RMI Valuation can trace its roots to 1925, with the formation of Rex-McGill Investment Company in Orlando, Florida. Founded by J. Walter Rex, Charles Walton Rex Sr. and Forrest McGill, the company was created to provide real estate brokerage and property management in the emerging Central Florida market.

In 1932, Charles Walton Rex Sr. became the youngest Organization Member of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, a predecessor of the Appraisal Institute, with Certificate No. 42, and became the first in a multi-generational family line of designated real estate appraisers.

In 1991, after serving as president of Rex-McGill, Inc., Charles W. (Sandy) Rex III established RMI Midwest in the Chicagoland area. Since 1995, RMI Midwest has specialized in the valuation and analysis of corridors and other railroad properties.

Today, RMI Valuation is led by Charles Sr.’s great-grandson Cameron R. Rex, MAI. The fifth generation of the Rex family to manage a real estate company stemming from Rex-McGill, Cameron and his team work to add to the Rex legacy of quality, accomplishment, and service.



We believe transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of successful project outcomes; which is why we develop custom solutions molded to address your specific goals. Every project places your needs at the forefront, and work is shaped to incorporate regulatory requirements, protect your assets, and fit your business priorities.

Collaborative Approach

We provide you with a single point of contact that you can count on to manage your project. We collaborate closely as the valuation progresses, and work to give you the answers, guidance, and support you need.

Apply Expertise

Appraising land and property involves a lot of specialized examination and analysis. Luckily, our veteran team has the expertise and equipment needed to deal with challenges, and the know-how to deliver when it counts.

Deliver Solutions

Achieving big goals means sweating tiny details. As we move towards the finish line, we maintain the highest standards of accuracy and accountability - and ensure your valuation is handled with skill and precision.


RMI Valuation is powered by a world-class team of appraisers, advisors, and property experts. Driven and determined, we pride ourselves on delivering critical insights, data-backed solutions, and industry-leading service.

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Our Leadership

Great work starts with great people. At RMI Valuation, our work stems from the passion and skill of our dedicated executive leadership team.



You can find our corporate headquarters in Chicago but our work spans the country. Our senior leadership has a national reach, and our network of appraisers, analysts, and associates can be found documenting property sites in small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between.

Even though we're spread out, our team works as one. We know and trust every engineer, vendor, and specialist we work with - and we know how to manage quality across every stage of the valuation process.

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Have a property or project you want to discuss? Our team of valuation experts can help you find the data you need to make the most of your transactions.

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