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GIS & Data Analytics

RMI Valuation uses GIS in the vast majority of all work that we perform. With our enterprise GIS deployment we have integrated all steps of the valuation process.

This includes land use classification and highest and best use analysis, comparable sales search and analysis, subject and comparable sales inspection, inventory and inspection of railroad assets, integration of the sales analysis and subject valuation between our enterprise GIS and valuation within Microsoft Excel, and report ready maps for the subject property and comparable sales.

Our integration of GIS allows us to complete projects of any size in a time and cost effective manner. We utilize mobile GIS for all inspections, where our field data is synced with our enterprise GIS in real-time.

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Mapping the Transaction

Having a solid GIS deployment requires knowing how to find the right data. We have formed strategic partnerships to acquire the data that allows us to perform large multi-faceted assignments.

With our GIS expertise we can quickly map and segment large projects, and process client data in order to form the basis of our detailed asset inventories. The data supporting our comparable sales analysis is from detailed research of transaction documents, property records, plats and on-the-ground inspections. Every assignment is seamlessly documented in our enterprise GIS and all valuations are backed by market data.


Delivering Data

We use mobile GIS capabilities to conduct all inspections - which allows us to quickly collect field data and sync it with our office teams in real-time.

By systemically integrating GIS technology throughout our operational framework we give ourselves the ability to minimize data loss, maximize efficiency, and complete projects of all shapes and sizes with speed and precision.

Data Collection
Map Creation
Presentation Reporting
Interactive Web Maps
360 Degree Imagery




Have a property or project you want to discuss? Our team of valuation experts can help you find the data you need to make the most of your transactions.

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