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Our Expertise

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Our team has the ability to handle appraisals across a broad range of property types, but RMI Valuation really shines when we're managing valuations for specialty assignments (like railroad properties, corridors, conservation easements, and large acreage tracts).

We have executed valuations throughout the country, worked on projects of all sizes, and have helped stakeholders across the sales spectrum make the most of their transactions.



We help clients navigate the complexities of real estate and sales by combining fastidious research, market-based analysis, and well-documented, unbiased opinions.

Through the strategic use of technology, including GIS, mobile data collection, and terrestrial and drone imagery collection, we have the ability to sync field data with our enterprise system in real-time, provide clients with state-of-the-art mapping capabilities (both illustrative and analytical), and deliver the kind of detailed, high-quality work that our clients need.

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Regional, Shortline, & Terminal Railroads
Utility Companies
Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local)
Investments Bankers
Agricultural Companies
Railroad Holding Companies
Financial Institutions
Nonprofit Conservancies
Land Trusts
American Indian Tribal Lands



We've managed valuations for clients across a wide expanse of industries and interests. We know how to help government agencies manage unique properties, how to help conservation groups identify opportunities, and how to help businesses protect their bottom line.

Our team offers diverse expertise in land use, environmental and government regulations, and public sector planning and development practices.



Have a property or project you want to discuss? Our team of valuation experts can help you find the data you need to make the most of your transactions.

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