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Corridor Appraisal Services

Our expert appraisers use a time-tested methodology in the valuation of railroad corridors and affiliated properties.

We consider highest and best use, analyze the subject’s physical, legal and economic characteristics, and use aerial mapping and geographic information systems to document the specifics of every assignment.

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Tracking Value

Our approach to valuation combines practical judgment with an in-depth understanding of the railroad market, land use, and industry standard methodology.

Our valuations incorporate data on sales transactions, transportation trends, court rulings, and business data - not to mention our own research from the field. We develop valuation conclusions that are meaningful and can stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny.


Lay of the Land

Our 45+ years of combined corridor valuation experience includes work with transportation corporations (including Class One, Regional, Shortline, and Terminal Railroads), government agencies, financial institutions, and a wide range of utility companies, including municipal, electric transmission and distribution, pipeline and communication/fiber optic companies.

Market Value & Net Liquidation Estimates
Track Improvement Valuation
Acquisition & Corridor Assemblage Estimates
Abandonment & STB Related Valuations
Longitudinal Occupancy Valuation
Crossing Occupancy Valuation
Rails-to-Trails Corridor Valuation
Communication (Fiber Optic) Occupancy Corridors




Have a property or project you want to discuss? Our team of valuation experts can help you find the data you need to make the most of your transactions.

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