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Specialty Appraisal Services

We offer a wealth of experience in the appraisal and valuation of a wide variety of speciality corridor types - including corridors for pipelines, utility corridors, easements, and overhead transmission lines, among others.

RMI has the ability to provide valuations for the whole corridor, partial interests within the corridor, or an assessment of the contributory value for one or more interests (for acquisitions, leases, licenses, and extensions/revisions).

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Marking the Trail

We are leaders in specialty corridor valuations becase we keep stay on top of evolving statutes, regulations and industry standards.

Our team of industry experts work closely with appraisal organizations and regulatory bodies to ensure our processes are accepted nationally and regionally, and our teams are able to back up analysis with high quality, GIS-backed data, imagery, and mapping.


Creating the Path

Beyond railroad and utility corridor valuation, we have vast experience in valuation assignments with American Indian Tribes, major agricultural companies, non-profit conservancy groups, and large-land ownerships. From corridor related to conservation easements and general property appraisal.

Electrical Transmission & Distribution Corridors
Environmentally Sensitive Lands
Conservation Easements
Large Land Holdings
Corridors Across Native American Tribal Interests
Go-Around Cost Estimates
Going Concern Valuation
General Property Appraisal




Have a property or project you want to discuss? Our team of valuation experts can help you find the data you need to make the most of your transactions.

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